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Introducing Locaas Reward

Updated: May 20, 2023

We are all about building and giving back to the community by looking for new ways to make our passion more rewarding.

From the 15th of May 2023, we introduced Locaas Reward.

You get rewarded with Locaa points every time you attend our classes and events which can be used to redeem free drinks, classes, social , food and other free vouchers! – Locoo Team

How does it work?

Every time you attend any of our events or classes you will be rewarded with Locaas. You can exchange your Locaa points with free Drinks, Beverages, Food and other rewards that we will be offering at Revolution De Cuba and at our events.

Each Locaa reward is part of a Series and the reward must be claimed during the period of that series.

So for example when we start Series 5 of 2023 from May 1st to 31st, your reward should be claimed by the end of that period

Locaa Points

You can earn Locaas at the following events and classes:

You can view and claim your Locaa points at the My Rewards section on your account

  • Locoos Monday - 1 Locaa

  • URBAN KIZ Passion Weds (Class + Social) - 2 Locaas

  • URBAN KIZ Passion Weds (Social Only) - 1 Locaa

  • Elite Exhibit Thurs (Full Programme) - 10 Locaas

  • Elite Exhibit Thurs (Social Only) - 1 Locaa


You can use the same points to redeem more than one voucher if they are part of the same package

You can redeem your rewards here

  • 1 Free Drink at the bar = 6 Locaas

  • 1 Free Social = 5 Locaas

  • Monthly Raffle (Locoos Package) = 5 Locaas

  • Monthly Dance Competition Event (Locoos Package)= 4 Locaas

More to be announced


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